TMZ Live Donald Trump: Steve Jobs 'Almost' Irrepleacable

8/25/2011 1:35 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Donald Trump Interview: Steve Jobs 'Almost' Irreplaceable

A man who knows a thing or two about big business -- Donald Trump -- calls in to talk about the gaping hole at Apple now that Steve Jobs has resigned. 

Plus, producers at Kim Kardashian's wedding SCRIPTED a lovey dovey subplot between Kourtney and Scott? Is the behind-the-scenes audio shocking or totally expected?

And ... MAJOR updates in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial.

(3:30) What is Apple going to do without Steve Jobs? The one and only Donald Trump dials us up to talk about the company's gaping hole.
(7:35) Apple's new CEO Tim Cook has his work cut out for him -- and Donald does NOT envy his situation.
(10:00) You won't believe how much effort Apple put into its product's BOXES.
(13:02) Congrats Harvey, you out-plugged The Donald.
(17:50) A BUNCH of interesting developments in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial.
(33:45) Wanna learn some Hebrew?
(37:30) A Kardashian subplot was SCRIPTED by producers during Kim's wedding -- and we have the audio.
(43:30) Christy Hornbuckle -- whose wedding festivities were screwed up by Kim's ridiculous nuptials -- is on the phone!