Craig Ferguson Anthrax Scare THE 911 CALL 'We Have 5 People Quarantined'

9/4/2011 7:00 AM PDT

Craig Ferguson Anthrax Scare -- The 911 Call

Security at Craig Ferguson's "Late Late Show" didn't take any chances during last month's anthrax scare -- telling the 911 operator they immediately quarantined everyone who had contact with the white powder as soon as they could.

TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 call -- made by a very cool, calm and collected security guard who wasn't one of the five people exposed to the powder.

As we previously reported, a deranged fan put the powder in an envelope and mailed it to CBS Television City in L.A, along with a threatening letter -- but an investigation proved the powder was nothing more than cornmeal.

So far, no arrests have been made.