TMZ Live Serena Williams' Outburst Punishment Fits the Crime?

9/12/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live 9/12/11: Serena Williams U.S. Open Outburst -- Punishment Fit the Crime?

Serena Williams is fined a whopping $2,000 for blasting a U.S. Open umpire -- did she deserve to be punished ... even though her rant was NOWHERE near John McEnroe territory?

Plus, did the Jackson family REALLY plan on helping Michael Jackson escape the country if he'd been convicted of child molestation? Michael's former attorney tells us a much different ... and more interesting story.

And, George Stephanopoulos may be on the chopping block at "GMA" because of his height -- so does size really matter ... on television? We happen to have a couple of experts.

(8:55) Serena Williams was fined a whopping $2,000 for arguing with a U.S. Open umpire  -- fair punishment?
(11:10) Serena's insults -- so civilized.
(17:00) For comparison's sake -- one of John McEnroe's rants. Why are his tantrums funny and Serena's aren't?
(24:10) Jermaine Jackson claims his family was planning on helping MJ flee the country if he was convicted of child molestation. No one seems to believe a word of it.
(30:08) George Stephanopoulos may be replaced on "GMA" because he's so much shorter than Robin Roberts. Unfair?
(34:20) Does the George/Robin height difference really matter?
(41:01) Charles: No "self-respecting news man" would stand on a soapbox.
(44:10) Do tall people have an advantage in life?
(56:30) Mel Gibson, Kim K. and controversy at MJ's old crib.