Mariel Hemingway My Ex-Manager Has Been Sexually Harassing Me

9/24/2011 1:20 AM PDT

Mariel Hemingway: My Ex-Manager Has Been Sexually Harassing Me

Mariel Hemingway's lawyer made a beeline for court Friday, asking a judge to restrain her former business manager from using vulgar and offensive language, and making inappropriate sexual comments.

Hemingway claims Mike Wittlin also sent her sexually-charged texts and was "often time overly aggressive and hostile in his manner.

Hemingway says she's deeply afraid for her safety and is afraid Wittlin will show up and hurt her.

Judge Carol Boas Goodson rejected the petition for the restraining order, on grounds the level of threats and harassment was not sufficient, and that Hemingway could handle everything by simply filing a civil lawsuit.

Wittlin tells us he is Hemingway's current business manager and business partner and that she owes him "a great deal of money."

He tells us, "I am disappointed to find that an otherwise respectable woman would try to manipulate the justice system with outrageous allegations in an attempt to avoid her financial responsibilities. This is a civil matter between business partners, no more, no less. I am appreciative of the court for dismissing these baseless lies."