TMZ Live Tupac's Sex Tape Will We Ever See It?

10/3/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Tupac's Sex Tape, Will It Go Public?

No doubt ... Tupac Shakur's sex tape would be a hot seller -- but hold on ... there's a few major obstacles before it goes public. Celeb sex tape expert, Kevin Blatt, joins us and reveals this new detail -- Tupac might have taped a sequel!

Plus, did Amanda Knox steal headlines just because she's hot? IS she hot? A huge debate breaks out. Also ... Harvey plays game show host, and stumps Charles and the whole newsroom. See if you fare any better.

(4:30) Tupac sex tape ... 'nuff said.
(9:01) Celebrity Sex tape mogul Kevin Blatt joins us on webcam to talk about getting the sex tape out on the market!
(17:50) Harvey claims to be "street these days".
(25:00) Amanda Knox was set free today!  So Harvey poses an important questions ... Is Amanda Hot or not?
(31:34) Harvey challenges Charles and viewers to guess who is he is thinking of ... Harvey gives, what he considers, good hints.
(38:04) Would you go to prison for 4 years for $1million?
(41:21) Charles and Harvey explain how going to jail is like a job and it would help you save your cash! DISCLAIMER: TMZ does not condone going to prison ... unless you get $1 million for it.
(47:23)Quick recap on the Conrad Murray Manslaughter trial ... and his new ties!
(48:31) Evan has 30 seconds to explain a new lawsuit ... ready ... set ... go!