Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend I'm a Total Poser

10/13/2011 5:50 AM PDT

Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend -- I'm a Total Poser

Former Italian murder convict Raffaele Sollecito -- Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend -- had another reason to smile this week ... dude is finally getting a brand new Italian ID card.

Sollecito -- who was recently freed from an Italian prison after an appeals court ruled he and Amanda did NOT murder Knox's roommate -- hit his local photo shop a few days ago. He later took the pics to a government window labelled, "Carta d'identità" (ID card).

Interesting to see Sollecito walking around Italy so comfortably ... considering he and Knox were SO hated during the murder hearings, that they were rushed out of the courtroom by armed guards when they were freed earlier this month.

But now, judging by his bright green sweater ... it doesn't seem like Raffaele is afraid of being noticed anymore.