TMZ Live Why Demi and Shia Need an Intervention

10/18/2011 12:45 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Why Demi and Shia Need An Intervention

and Brian have strong opinions about Demi Moore and Shia LaBeouf -- why both may be self-destructing for very different reasons. The callers almost uniformly agree -- Demi and Shia both desperately need help.   

And for very different reasons .... someone needs to do an intervention with Soulja Boy

It's a TMZ Live filled with desperate celebs.

(3:14) Harvey asks Evan to read a funny headline out loud ... it's not that funny when read out loud.
(9:30) Some of the TMZ staffers compare their life outside of work to Shia LaBeouf's.
(11:36) Harvey ignores a comment about short man syndrome while co-host Brian invokes him.
(20:00) A caller with a secret identity gives us the inside scoop on probation departments. 
(25:51) Harvey asks a caller if she is breast feeding ... why he went there no one knows.
(33:00) Coming out of the closet is good for your career ... at least for one ABC anchor.
(40:50) Demi Moore's recent petite frame draws comparisons to Karen Carpenter.
(49:15) We bash Soldier Boy for constantly flaunting his money ... he might want to watch it if he doesn't want to end up like MC Hammer!