TMZ Live Dr. Conrad Murray Hanging by a Thread

10/20/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Dr. Conrad Murray ... Hanging by a Thread

The case against Dr. Conrad Murray is impressive -- but Harvey and Jason aren't convinced it's iron clad ... because prosecutors missed one crucial point.

Plus, was Lindsay Lohan hiding something under that hideous makeup in court yesterday? Dr. Rey thinks he knows what it is ... and what it isn't.

(1:00) Lindsay Lohan lied to us ... surprised?
(3:31) TMZ was right ... we knew that Judge Stephanie Sautner was going to revoke Lindsay's probation.
(7:27) Lindsay has proved time and time again that she is going to do what she wants no matter what promises she makes.
(14:00) A Sheriff shouldn't go on Good Day LA and talk about celebrity defendants ... they should come onto TMZ Live and talk about them!
(19:47) Dr. 90210 himself joins us to put the kibosh on a rumor to why Lilo's makeup was so bad in court. 
(29:51) The prosecution now rests it's case in People vs. Conrad Murray.
(33:10) Harvey tells us what he would do if he was on the prosecution.
(47:57) Harvey gives us an idea as to what the defense might argue.