'Spider-Man' to 'The Simpsons' Thanks for the Pot Shot!

10/31/2011 7:45 AM PDT

'Spider-Man' to 'The Simpsons' -- Thanks for the Halloween Pot Shot!

Right after a paralyzed Homer J. Simpson farted a spiderweb out of his butt last night ... the show mocked the infamously injury-prone Spider-Man play ... and it couldn't have gone over better with the folks on Broadway.

In case you missed it, paralyzed Spider-Homie swung past the "Rest Home for Cast of 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'" ... while one wheelchair bound Spidey says, "I wish I could move like him."

A rep for "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" released a statement saying everyone involved with the play was "extremely flattered by last night's tribute."

The rep adds, "'The Simpsons’ is an iconic American institution, and being part of last night’s episode was an honor and dream come true."