TMZ Live Kobe Bryant: Impervious to Tiger Woods Curse

12/19/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Kobe Bryant: Impervious to Tiger Woods Curse

Don't expect Kobe Bryant's game to go in the toilet after his divorce (cough, Tiger ) -- in fact, there's good reason to bet he'll actually perform BETTER sans Vanessa.

Plus, James Franco's ex-professor joins us to explain why he had to give the actor a "D" -- and takes a silent potshot at his former student. Also, Britney Spears' 3-carat engagement ring seems tiny for her ... but we'll explain why it's actually a perfect fit.

(0:00) Former NYU professor Jose Santana joins the show via webcam -- to explain why he thinks he got fired for giving James Franco a "D".
(3:30) Santana says a viral video Franco made about the bad grade fueled the fire that led to his demise at NYU.
(7:10) Did Franco get a hall pass at NYU because of his celebity? Santana says school officials didn't care that Franco only went to two of fourteen required classes.
(11:30) TMZ Classic -- pic of Franco passed out in class.
(14:10) Smart move -- Sananta holds his tongue about Franco's Oscar hosting gig.
(17:20) Kobe Bryant's alleged infidelity -- undone by what Charles describes as the "underground railroad for golddiggers."
(27:05) Britney Spears engagement ring -- pretty dang modest. Dax, Christie and Shevonne weigh in on Brit's 3-carats.
(37:20) Is Will Smith pushing too hard to make his kids famous?
(45:00) Khloe Kardashian -- welcomed with open arms in Dallas.
(47:00) Is Khloe to most likeable Kardashian?