TMZ Live Deion & Ex's Living Arrangements WORST Idea Ever

1/3/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Deion & (soon-to-be) Ex-Wife's Living Arrangement ... WORST Idea Ever

If you think Deion Sanders' divorce is cringeworthy ... his living arrangements are just as bad. Sharing a house with your ex -- would you?! Wait 'til you hear one TMZ Live viewer's bizarre sitch.

Plus, which GOP candidate do the dems want to win in Iowa? Jason and a caller battle HARD over Ron Paul.

Also ... Lindsay’s trespassing scare, Steven Tyler’s banana hammock, Kobe’s bum wrist, and why Katy and Russell were forced to call it quits -- TMZ lightning round!!

(3:20) Insane way to break in the new year -- an arsonist goes on a rampage in L.A. ... and one TMZ producer witnessed it first-hand!
(7:30) According to what our producer saw -- the arsonist wasn't alone.
(19:45) Deion Sanders' nuclear divorce just took another strange turn -- he and his soon-to-be-ex plan on living together! How is this possible?
(26:45) Painful stories from the newsroom -- and from viewers -- about exes living together.
(30:30) Dax says there's something else that sucks after a break-up -- seeing all the fun your ex is having on Facebook.
(37:00) Time to talk politics -- who do Democrats wants to win to make it easy for Obama to get re-elected?
(47:30) Lighting round -- Kobe Bryant's injury, Lindsay Lohan's knocker, Katy Perry's divorce, and Steven Tyler's mankini.