TMZ Live Fighting for Casey Anthony's Right to Adopt

1/5/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Fighting for Casey Anthony's Right to Adopt

War in the newsroom today over Casey Anthony -- some think she should be able to adopt a dog, and maybe even a baby because she was acquitted! Harvey and Charles say, "no," ... and it's got nothing to do with the law.

Plus, Lisa Lampanelli calls in to blast NBC for dissing her at a Knicks game ... and even compares her plight to the Civil Rights Movement?! Relax, it's funny. Also, Marc Anthony beats J.Lo!

(0:00) How Charles managed to win $100 from Harvey today ... but hurt himself in the process.
(3:15) Jeremy Renner involved in a bar fight in Phuket -- that involves the gnarliest axe we've ever seen.
(8:20) Harvey manages to connect the fight to "Airplane."
(11:20) Casey Anthony records a super weird video blog in October ... which somehow hit the web today. Who's behind it?
(15:40) Mike's theory on why the video was released.
(20:15) The argument rages ... should Casey -- found NOT GUILTY of murder -- be allowed to adopt anything?
(22:20) Jason and Evan throw fuel on the fire.
(38:00) Lisa Lampanelli starts of with an offensive bang.
(39:00) Lisa says NBC made her feel like a douche -- but after our story ... she got an apology.
(43:30) Yes, Lisa compares herself to Rosa Parks.
(46:30) Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez keep rubbing their hookups in each other's face -- so who's winning the war?