Vanilla Ice Stops Foreclosure Collaborates with Lawyers

1/13/2012 4:00 AM PST

Vanilla Ice Stops Foreclosure -- Collaborates with Lawyers

Vanilla Ice's Florida mansion was in jeopardy of foreclosure ... but only for a second.

Ice lives in a gated community in Palm Beach. Seems Hurricane Wilma destroyed some palm trees back in 2005, and the homeowners association levied a special assessment of around $2,800 per homeowner to cover the cost of replacement.

Ice never paid, and the figure swelled to $4,100, so the homeowners association filed foreclosure documents in order to squeeze the money from the "rapper."

Ice's lawyers, Bradford Cohen and Joseph LoRusso, tell TMZ ... "The issue stemmed from Mr. VanWinkle (aka Mr. Ice) being unaware of any outstanding charges. As soon as he was made aware of the situation it was completely resolved."

The hired guns took a shot at the homeowners association, saying, "It is surprising that the association chose to waste funds on filing an action against our client."