TMZ Live 'Idol' Without Ryan Seacrest Crazy Enough to Work?

1/19/2012 11:05 AM PST

TMZ Live: 'American Idol' Without Ryan Seacrest ... Crazy Enough to Work?

Ryan Seacrest is a wanted man at "Today" and "American Idol" -- but since he probably can't do both, we're wondering ... could 'Idol' could survive without ole frosty tips? Some people think so ... but you gotta hear who they'd put in his place!

Plus, hat policy in Congress?? Believe it or not some of your elected reps are actually wasting time on this! And tattooing your lover's name on your body -- romantic or stupid? Put us down for ... stupid.

(0:00) Silly hat loving congresswoman Frederica Wilson says it's sexist that woman can't wear hats on the floor ... so the question ... why is Congress wasting it's time on this issue???
(12:00) Sad breaking news, freestyle skier Sarah Burke died.
(15:22) Ryan Seacrest has a guardian angel watching over his back account -- "Idol" mega-producer Nigel Lithgoe.
(17:00) Seacrest -- future "Today" show anchor?
(19:10) "Idol's" other host ... Brian Dunkleman ... is bigger, and more shirtless than ever now.
(20:10) The big question -- could "Idol" survive without Ryan?
(31:01) Should Jay-Z have stayed at home with his kid last night? Naturally, Raquel comes out swinging.
(41:30) Mike takes a stand -- defending getting tattoos of loves ones ... everyone else ... not so much.
(49:20) Twitter submissions from brave, brave people who've gotten tats of their significant others.