'Idol' Reject Back to Slinging Bull Testicles

1/26/2012 2:00 PM PST

'American Idol' Reject Alanna Snare -- Back to Slinging Bull Testicles

Instead of a golden ticket to Hollywood ... "American Idol" contestant Alanna Snare got a one-way ticket back to her life of fried bulls' balls -- and it looks like she's thrilled.

Alanna was rejected on last night's episode, but used her 'AI' platform to educate America about the delicacy known as Rocky Mountain Oysters ... aka bull testicles.

We got pics of Alanna back in action as a waitress at Bruce's in Severance, CO ... where the house specialty is testes from all sorts of animals.

Alanna tells us she was disappointed about her 'Idol' performance, but on a positive note ... she says her job is a "real ball of a time."