'Idol' Hopeful Angie Zeiderman I'm No Gaga Ripoff!

1/29/2012 6:25 AM PST

'American Idol' Hopeful Angie Zeiderman -- I'm No Gaga Ripoff!

"American Idol" wannabe Angie Zeiderman loves Lady Gaga (as she proclaimed during her audition) but she's not trying to be like her ... she's just being herself.

Zeiderman tells TMZ she's theatrical by nature, and took it as a great compliment when Jennifer Lopez said most contestants couldn't sing a show tune like she did. Angie says she performs every Thursday night at a gay bar in Delray Beach, FL (the only girl who does so) and performs as part of a burlesque troupe that performs all over Miami. 

If the "Idol" thing doesn't pan out, she should have no problem getting a gig ... as a Lady Gaga impersonator.