'Machete' Directors Sued By Writer -- You JACKED My Film Idea!!

2/2/2012 10:35 AM PST

Writer Sues 'Machete' Directors -- You JACKED My Film Idea!

The directors behind the movie "Machete" are two shameless dirty movie stealers -- this according to a new lawsuit, filed by a writer/actress who claims they ripped off her ideas to make the machete-wielding revenge film.

Yvonne Delarosa filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming one of the directors -- Ethan Maniquis -- solicited her for ideas back in 2005 for a movie in which a man goes on a killing spree with a machete ... and then used them without paying her.

According to the lawsuit, Yvonne shared her brilliant characters and storylines believing she'd be compensated -- but she never was ... and the movie was released in 2010, containing a bunch of her contributions.

Now, Yvonne is suing both Maniquis and his co-director Robert Rodriguez for breach of contract -- seeking unspecified damages.

Yvonne does not specify which ideas were hers. Calls to Robert and Ethan's production company have not been returned.