TMZ Live Giants' Tisch -- Sorry, Brady ... Hollywood's on My Side!

2/3/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Giants Co-Owner Steve Tisch -- Sorry Tom Brady, Hollywood's on My Side

NY Giants co-owner Steve Tisch already has the Patriots beat in one category ... celebs pulling for the G-Men on Sunday. Why the Giants and not pretty boy Tom Brady? Steve breaks it down from Indy. Plus, our trivia contest predicts the Super Bowl XLVI winner!

Also, did Queen jump the shark by putting Adam Lambert in Freddie Mercury's shoes?

And, Madonna orders pizza without cheese -- is that really pizza? It's our most heated, and delicious, argument of the day.

(2:30) NY Giants owner Steve Tisch -- live from Indianapolis ... the home of Super Bowl XLVI!
(3:35) Steve crushes the idea that more celebs are rooting for the Pats ... and cracks an amazing joke about "Wheel of Fortune."
(6:30) Steve's unbelievable superstition -- which involves his feet, toenail polish, and a lack of proper washing.
(8:45) Harvey poses an NFL Sophie's Choice for Steve.
(12:30) Alleged Virgin QB Tim Tebow is thrown into the lion's den -- a club with super hot, scantily clad women. 
(13:30) No way Tim's a virgin ... so says Chad.
(22:01) Madonna eats her pizza without cheese -- so does it still count as pizza? It's about to get way overdramatic.
(28:03) This means war -- one Pats fan and one Giants fan go head-to-head to see who's the master of Super Bowl trivia.
(33:05) Adam Lambert -- Queen's biggest mistake?