Crotchety Old Man Calls Cops on Biebettes 'I WANT THEM ARRESTED!'

2/7/2012 10:25 AM PST

Crotchety Old Man Calls Cops on Justin Bieber Fans -- 'I WANT THEM ARRESTED!'

A sad old man in Miami just couldn't take a heavy dose of Bieber fever last night -- demanding police arrest an adorable young group of Bieber fans for disturbing the peace outside his business -- and shocker ... the cops told him to pound sand.

The old man's the owner of a Miami recording studio called the Hit Factory -- and the girls were camped outside creating a ruckus, expecting Justin to show up for a recording session ... as he did earlier that week, during the infamous shirtless skateboarding bonanza.

But last night, the owner was afraid of another crazy Bieber-obsessed mob ... and in a hilarious overreaction, he called the cops and demanded all the young girls be arrested ... claiming they had already caused $10,000 in damage earlier in the week.

The girls pled their case, trying to explain why it was absolutely imperative they be allowed to stay -- as one explained, "[Justin is] amazing! He's everything!" Another added, "I touched his hand! He smells like cotton candy!!!" All good points.

The cop acquiesced -- instructing the girls to keep out of the street and stay quiet.

Promising to be good, another girl replied, "We're not gonna scream. We're gonna scream low."

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