Gayle King Victorious in Matchmaker Lawsuit

2/11/2012 2:15 PM PST

Gayle King -- Victorious in Matchmaker Lawsuit

Gayle King no longer has to worry about that pesky matchmaker lawsuit -- because a judge in California agreed with her side of things ... and tossed the lawsuit out. 

As TMZ first reported, King was sued last year by a matchmaker named Orly Hadida, who claimed she rendered her services to King for free in exchange for an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show (which never happened). 

But King fought back, claiming California law states that oral contracts -- which is what Orly claims they had -- involving "dating services" are void and unenforceable.

A judge agreed, ruling earlier this month in King's favor and dismissing Hadida's lawsuit.

Just in time for Valentine's Day ...