Dead Fashion Designer Sued for Sexual Harassment

2/17/2012 4:00 AM PST

Woman Sues Dead Fashion Designer Bijan for Sexual Harassment

Dead men tell no tales ... and they can't really defend themselves in court either ... which might be why deceased Beverly Hills fashion titan Bijan is being sued for sexual harassment by his former assistant.

Before Bijan died last year, he famously ran "the most expensive [clothing] store in the world" ... where he outfitted everyone from Obama to George W. Bush ... Schwarzenegger, Jay Leno and Michael Jordan.

But according to Brittany Anderson, Bijan was a sexual terror behind the scenes ... who was constantly commenting on her "voluptuous figure" and informing her that he "wanted her sexually."

Anderson claims she told Bijan she had a BF in an effort to curb the sexual harassment ... but instead of backing off, Bijan allegedly retaliated by demoting her.

Anderson's lawyer Keith Fink tells us, it's not surprising -- insisting Bijan had been sued for similiar claims before he died.

Anderson is suing for unspecified damages. Bijan could not be reached for comment.