TMZ Live Obama's Singing ... Cool Factor Might Swing Votes

2/22/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Obama's Singing ... Cool Factor Might Win Swing Votes

President Barack Obama's not just singing for fun ... his pipes could actually win over swing voters in the election. Hey, he's got at least one Republican -- in our news room -- thinking twice.

Plus, CM Punk insists his challenge to fight Chris Brown is no joke. The WWE champ calls in to explain why he's not ready to forget what CB did to Rihanna.

Also, Bam Margera phones in to talk about almost getting TASED in a pool! Ahh, Mardi Gras.

(1:50) Obama sings again -- Harvey thinks it's a totally calculated move ... not everyone agrees.
(5:10) A die hard TMZ Republican admits Obama's singing has a positive effect on him.
(11:01) Lindsay -- great day in court ... horrible hair.
(17:30) Kevin Mackie won a Grammy this year -- then went back to his supermarket job ... and he wouldn't change a thing.
(23:35) The remaining "Biggest Loser" contestants go on strike -- we talk to a dude who was already voted off ... and he targets two people as the root of the problem.
(34:00) CM Punk calls in -- and reinforces his claim that he wants to personally punish Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna.
(39:05) A true "Jackass" on the line -- Bam Margera explains why he got arrested for swimming in pool with all his clothes on ... too bad he doesn't know why he got arrested.
(45:00) The most messed up 911 call of all time ... this is not for the squeamish.