TMZ Live Weird Al Super Bowl Show Just Got MORE Awesome

2/23/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Weird Al Super Bowl Show Idea ... Just Got MORE Awesome

Weird Al Yankovic is totally on board to perform at the Super Bowl -- and the dude who started the #superAl trend called us to add a Justin Bieber wrinkle that could make this the GREATEST halftime show ... EVER.

Plus, we tried to stop talking about him ... but Chris Brown's accused again! This time he allegedly jacked a girl's cell phone. How many second chances does he get?!

Also, "Biggest Loser" producers took our advice -- now TWO of the contestants behind the mutiny are gone!

(0:00) Chris Brown is accused of another temper-related crime -- Max says it proves he's beyond immature.
(11:30) Producers cut two contestants from "The Biggest Loser" after they went on strike -- just like Evan said they should.
(14:22) Ryan's argument -- none of the "Losers" go on to just lose weight ... fame is a HUGE part of it.
(18:00) The writer who started the campaign to have Weird Al perform at the Super Bowl calls in -- and manages to convince Charles that it's a great idea.
(22:10) Thanks, Al -- Dennis finally has something to argue about. 
(27:05) The most heated argument of the day -- are psychics a load of bull? One of the best in the world -- Char Margolis -- calls in to state her case.
(35:25) Evan asks Char a brilliant question about religions and the afterlife.
(38:00) The saddest thing of the day -- Dax admits he sought out the pizza place in Italy where Snooki worked. Sigh.