'Lost' Star Terry O'Quinn The Ending Was FINE!

3/13/2012 6:30 AM PDT

'Lost' Star Terry O'Quinn -- The Ending Was FINE!

ATTENTION ALL DISAPPOINTED "LOST" FANS -- The guy who played Locke on the show says the ending was "OK" with him ... so ... maybe it's time to finally let it go?

TMZ spoke with Terry O'Quinn in NYC yesterday -- coolest guy ever BTW -- who tells us he was totally cool with the whole "We're all kinda dead" ... despite the fact producers left a couple of things hanging ...

... like the what's up with the numbers? Why was there a 4-toed statue? How did the Polar Bear get on the island? Whatever happened with Walt ... and why was he special? Why did Kate see a horse on the island? Who built that crazy magical wheel?

We could go on for hours ... seriously ... but this video does a pretty good job of summing up all of our issues with the show.

Anyway, Terry tells us he doesn't really get a lot of flack for the way the show ended these days ... telling us, "We sorta finished it and walked away."