TMZ Live 'Dancing With the Stars' ... Sabotage in the Ballroom?

3/15/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: 'Dancing With the Stars' -- Sabotage in the Ballroom?

The new batch of celebs on "Dancing with the Stars" are already playing dirty -- we'll tell you the outrageous story someone's floating about a contestant. Damn ... ballroom is NASTY!

Plus, Donald Trump calls in to crush reports "Celebrity Apprentice" advertisers are pulling out because of those photos of Donald Jr. and Eric's safari killing spree. Also, breaking Russell Brand news ... and a mysterious odor takes over the news room.

(1:30) Donald Trump is on the phone -- he crushes the reports suggesting "Apprentice" has lost sponsors because of his sons' hunting trip.
(6:51) Breaking new -- cops want to talk to Lindsay.
(7:40) Oprah says texting is best way to break up.
(11:15) "Idol" says adios to Jermaine.
(15:01) Persia White from "Vampire Diaries" calls in to condemn the treatment of horses on "Luck."
(18:20) More breaking news -- Russell Brand was arrested for the cell phone incident.
(23:14) Sabotage on the set of "DWTS"?
(28:01) Stacy Kiebler bails on trip to the White House with George Clooney ... huge mistake?
(32:39) Cissy Houston thinks Bobbi Kristina is committing incest.
(39:00) Rihanna's reasoning for cutting a track with Chris Brown -- the guy who beat her face in -- isn't helping.