Eva Longoria's Bentley Backs That Ass Up ... Into Another Car

3/16/2012 2:40 PM PDT

Eva Longoria Car Accident: Her Bentley Backs That Ass Up ... Into Another Car

Eva Longoria just got into a low speed car accident ... again ... this time involving her super-expensive Bentley ... TMZ has learned.

Longoria was trying to leave a parking lot in L.A. ... but the mechanical arm wouldn't raise up ... so she tried to back up in an effort to use another exit.

But Eva didn't notice the BMW waiting behind her ... and plowed ass first into the other ride.

We're told Eva got out of the car and checked out the damage -- the Bentley was mostly unscathed but the BMW wasn't so lucky ... the hood and the front grill are all jacked up.

Eva -- who was very nice -- apologized for the accident and traded information ... before finding an exit that worked ... and going on her way.

Longoria knows the drill by now ... as we previously reported, she got into a minor fender bender last month while leaving a hair salon in West Hollywood.