TMZ Live Madonna ... Talking Ecstasy Out of Desperation?

3/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Madonna -- Talking Ecstasy Out of Desperation?

Madonna's joke about Ecstasy might have fired up the audience at a concert -- but it's pissing off Deadmau5 and lot of other people ... who think she's being irresponsible just to make herself relevant.

Plus ... how we uncovered the identity of Kim Kardashian's flour bomber -- and Khloe decides to rip PETA over the attack. Also, Camille Grammer is no longer on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- but Brandi Glanville joins us to explain why almost all of the ladies are worried about getting 86'd.

(0:31) Madonna promotes drug use at a music festival -- and gets ripped by Deadmau5 for it. KDAY's DJ Dense calls in to condemn her as well.
(2:01) Breaking news -- Bobby Brown arrested for DUI!
(10:01) LiLo ... probation almost a thing of the past.
(12:01) Camille Grammer booted from "Housewives" -- her publicist and Brandi Glanville call in to talk about it.
(19:01) Kim K. pressing charges against her flour attacker ... and breaking news ... Khloe cuts ties with PETA.
(23:01) We asked about Whitney's death ... you answered.
(28:10) Brian Austin Green allegedly roughs up a photog ... and the photog claims Megan Fox egged BAG on.
(33:00) Simon Cowell's frightening home invasion ... and how he handled it head-on.
(39:01) Justin Bieber is about to buy a new house ... but no one thinks it fits his style.
(42:01) The Fiat Challenge ... Max vs. Peter.