Kat Von D Cops Rush to Home Over Phone Creep

5/2/2012 12:15 AM PDT

Kat Von D -- Cops Rush to Home Over Phone Creep


Police officers rushed to Kat Von D's L.A. home Monday night -- even dispatching a HELICOPTER to search her neighborhood -- after she received an extremely unsettling phone call ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement tells us, Kat received the call from an unknown number on her home phone -- asking if it was Kat. The caller also asked Kat several personal questions before hanging up.

We're told Kat then received an unwanted text -- from the same person.

Kat -- believing the caller was on her property and fearing for her safety -- called police around 10:45pm ... and officers rolled up soon after in full force, sirens blaring.

We're told police even dispatched a helicopter to sweep the surrounding area. Nobody was found.

Police spoke to Kat and took an annoying persons report -- yeah, those exist -- and that was that. The LAPD is currently investigating.