Snooki's Ex-BF I Didn't Leak Naked Snooki Pics!

6/11/2012 11:08 AM PDT

Snooki's Ex-BF Emilio Masella -- I Didn't Leak Naked Photos!


's ex-BF Emilio Masella is adamant ... he's not the mastermind behind the naked Snooki photos that leaked onto the Internet last week -- telling TMZ, he never even saw them before they hit the web.

In case you haven't checked out the pics -- they're basically a bunch of selfies taken inside a hotel room. Snooki's standing in front of a mirror in various states of undress, grabbing her boobs, etc -- pretty tame compared to some episodes of "Jersey Shore."

But Emilio insists he wasn't on the receiving end of the pictures -- claiming it must have been a more recent flame based on Snooki's body. Emilio didn't say what clues gave away the time frame.

Either way, Emilio isn't bothered by the leak -- telling us, "I honestly don’t care. I'm trying to get rid of trash in my life ... I'm done with her and moving on with my own career."