Flavor Flav Ignites Mega-Explosion ... Cops Rush In

7/6/2012 9:57 AM PDT

Flavor Flav Ignites Mega-Explosion ... Cops Rush In


It looked like a post-apocalyptic WAR ZONE when cops arrived to Flavor Flav's home on the 4th of July ... with smoke, loud explosions, and a charged up mob ... and the whole thing was caught on tape.

Long story short -- Flav and some of his Las Vegas neighbors set off a TON of fireworks in the middle of the street ... and not surprisingly, the noise (and the giant fireworks in the sky) attracted the local police.

When cops arrived ... they sifted their way through the smoke and located Flav, who was still clutching a lighter in his hand. 

Flav was totally cooperative -- and forked over his I.D. to the police. The laws regarding fireworks in Vegas are a little loose ... but cops didn't feel like Flav's situation warranted an arrest.

Instead, cops asked the rapper and his neighbors to stop lighting the fireworks and clear out of the street ... and everyone seemed to oblige.

We spoke to Flav about the incident, who told us, "We had a good time watching my fireworks show and everything ended safely. Cops came a few times but didn’t arrest me … thank God (and the police)!!”