Sage Stallone Lawyer's Story Doesn't Match Up with Cops

7/15/2012 9:15 AM PDT

Sage Stallone -- Lawyer's Story Doesn't Match Up with Cops


Sage Stallone's lawyer and longtime friend is painting a picture of Sage in the days leading up to his death that is radically different from what law enforcement sources are telling TMZ.

Attorney George Braunstein claims:

Sage posted pics to Facebook 17 hours before he was found dead.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sage was dead for a minimum of 3 days (and possibly as long as a week) before his body was found. Our sources say no one had heard from him in a full week.  And we're told his room was filled with cigarette butts and reeked of various smells. 

Sage never exhibited any signs of drug use or addiction.
TMZ spoke with Robert Rhine, a magazine publisher who worked with Sage two months ago. He said Sage was "out of it" the entire time he worked with him and it was obvious to him and everyone at the photo shoot that Sage was on something.  And our law enforcement sources say there were multiple pill bottles in his room, some of which were "huge."

Sage didn't drink.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ his room was littered with various items, including empty beer cans.

Our sources say they believe Sage's death was an accident and not intentional.