Russell Brand Security Guard Says R.B. Screwed Up His Knee ... Royally

10/30/2012 10:55 AM PDT

Security Guard Suing Russell Brand Says Actor Screwed Up His Knee Royally


A security guard who is suing Russell Brand says the actor was trying to escape paparazzi when R.B.'s Range Rover plowed into him.

Victor Sneed's lawyer, Bob Fink, tells TMZ, his client -- who works as a security guard at an L.A. medical center -- was doing his job in January when Russell came out of the facility ... to a gaggle of photogs.

Fink says Russell jumped in his Range Rover and tried to leave and in the process struck Sneed from the front.  Russell stopped and asked a dazed Sneed if he was ok -- Fink says his client was too stunned to answer so Russell left.

Fink tells us ... Russell sent one of his people back to the scene and gave Sneed his personal info.  Fink says Russell wanted to settle it without going to the insurance company but that didn't happen.

Now Fink says, his client is hobbling around with a knee brace and may need surgery.  Fink says Sneed's back is also screwed up.

So far, the insurance company hasn't offered a settlement and that's why Sneed sued Brand.