Tareq Salahi Allow Me To Observe Your Poll

11/6/2012 10:20 AM PST

Tareq Salahi -- Allow Me to Observe Your Poll


Fear not, Virginia voters! Your ballots are safe this election day -- because famed White House Crasher Tareq Salahi is on a personal mission to guarantee your votes are cast without a hitch.

TMZ has learned, Tareq -- a big Mitt Romney supporter who's currently campaigning to become the Governor of Virginia -- has been authorized by the Warren County Republican Committee to serve as a poll watcher today (in Warren County).

FYI -- a poll watcher is responsible for making sure a particular voting location abides by voting laws.

Among Tareq's responsibilities -- monitoring how votes are recorded, checking up on those annoyingly complicated voting machines, verifying voter credentials, reporting voting violations, blah blah.

Like we said, Virginia, you have nothing to worry about.