Edward Furlong Fired from SECOND Film Over Domestic Violence Arrest

1/16/2013 1:21 PM PST

Edward Furlong -- Fired from SECOND Film Over Domestic Violence Arrest


The bad news keeps piling up for Edward Furlong -- the "Terminator 2" actor just got canned from ANOTHER film as a result of his domestic violence problems.

TMZ broke the story ... Eddie was popped by cops on Sunday for allegedly attacking his girlfriend -- the third time he’s been accused of domestic violence in only 3 months. Eddie has already pled not guilty ... but he's still behind bars.

And the producers behind Eddie’s new film -- a rom-com called "Other Plans" -- have had enough, firing off a letter to Eddie’s reps yesterday, terminating their contract with the actor.

The letter states, "Given Edwards current status as being in jail awaiting arraignment on two charges of criminal domestic violence ... we are no longer able to engage his services for the film as per our agreement."

Producer Joe Eckardt tells TMZ the movie's already "suffered way too long waiting for [Eddie] to be clear of his legal issues ... It's time to move on now and make our film without him."

Sources close to the production say they were in talks with Jason Mewes -- aka Jay from "Jay and Silent Bob" -- to replace him ... but he's already passed on the project.

It’s the second film Eddie’s been fired from due to his ongoing domestic violence problems with his GF -- back in November, Furlong was canned from a flick called “Misled” following his arrest at LAX.