"Small Wonder" Star I'm DYING to Get on 'Dancing with the Stars'

2/8/2013 5:00 AM PST

'Small Wonder' Star Jerry Supiran -- I'm DYING to Get on 'Dancing with the Stars'


Jerry Supiran -- the guy who played V.I.C.I.'s wholesome brother Jamie Lawson on the classic sitcom "Small Wonder" -- says he's ready to be famous again ... and now he's officially campaigning for a spot on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars."
Jerry ... (how do we put this delicately?) ... has "changed" a lot since his younger days after falling on some pretty hard times.

In fact, Supiran says he spent time living in a homeless shelter after a stripper ex-girlfriend stole his trust fund money. 

But now, at 39 years old ... and after various restaurant jobs ... Supiran tells TMZ he wants to make a TV comeback and thinks he would be a perfect fit for "Dancing."

"I'm hoping there will still be interest since people are all about nostalgia these days ... hopefully producers will give me a chance."

Supiran says he hasn't heard back from the show ... yet ... but if he does make it, he's GOTTA DO THE ROBOT!!!!!!