'Basketball Wives' Star Alleged Stalker Fires Back ... She's Harassing ME!

2/9/2013 5:10 AM PST

'Basketball Wives' Star Tasha Marbury -- Alleged Stalker Fires Back ... She's Harassing ME!

"Basketball Wives" star Tasha Marbury's alleged stalker is fighting fire with fire -- filing a police report claiming SHE's the one who actually needs protection from Tasha's wrath.

TMZ broke the story ... Tasha went to NYPD first, filing a report last month claiming a woman using the name Monet Merchand is obsessed with her and Tasha's husband, ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury.

Tasha says she and Stephon are continuously harassed on the Internet by the woman ... who claims she had sex with Stephon.

But Monet also filed a police report on February 3 ... claiming the "BB Wife" has threatened her and her friends with "bodily harm."

By the way, Monet filed her police report using a different name ... her real name. We're told she wants to remain anonymous because she's afraid Tasha will track her down.

As TMZ previously reported ... Tasha and Stephon claim they've never met the woman in person.

The NYPD is currently investigating both claims. Calls to Tasha have not been returned.