Julianne Hough Bare Naked Neck & Wrists After Heist

3/15/2013 3:50 PM PDT

Julianne Hough -- Bare Naked Neck & Wrists After $100k Jewelry Heist

5:20 PM PDT.
  Since we posted this story ... news surfaced that Ryan and Julianne have split ... at least temporarily.

If Ryan Seacrest replaced the $100,000 worth of jewelry Julianne Hough had stolen ... she's not showing it off in public -- not even on the relatively safe streets of Beverly.

Julianne was strolling through Bev Hills today without a single piece of bling on her body -- no necklace, no bracelets ... and certainly no $50,000 watch.

TMZ broke the story ... JH had 3 pieces of jewelry, including the pricey watch, stolen from her car last weekend in Hollywood. All the items were gifts from her bf Ryan.

Ryan doesn't seem like the stingy type, so we're guessing Julianne's just being cautious.

Unless, she left everything in her car ... again.