Iowans to Matthew Perry Field of Dreams Threatens Crop Dusting

3/31/2013 12:25 AM PDT

Iowans to Matthew Perry -- Crop Dusting Threatened by New Field of Dreams


A bunch of farmers want to crush Matthew Perry's "Field of Dreams" -- as in the famous baseball diamond -- because they think it will end their dreams ... of crop dusting.

Just last month, the former "Friends" star joined an investment group (Go the Distance Baseball, LLC) that is planning to build a national youth baseball and softball tournament and training campus on land next to the field made famous by Kevin Costner's movie.

But locals are crying foul -- the Residential & Agricultural Advisory Committee thinks the project will prevent farmers from hauling manure ... and make it next to impossible to move farming vehicles and complete aerial spraying ... aka crop dusting.

They also think increased traffic will cause noise pollution in the area.

Now the group has fired off a letter to Perry claiming, "It is no exaggeration to say that our very way of life is at risk."

No word on whether Perry has actually seen the letter.