LAPD Chief Donating 'Southland' Check To Homeboy!

4/21/2013 2:25 AM PDT

LAPD Chief -- I'm Donating My 'Southland' Paycheck to Homeboy


LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is now making TV money ... but we've learned he's not keeping it.

Beck did a cameo for "Southland" recently ... and got a check for more than a grand. The Chief could have spent the cash on scores of donuts ... but decided there was a worthier cause -- he's donating the money to Homeboy Industries.

The group works with high-risk, former gang-involved men and women, providing free services and job training.

Turns out Beck has another cause celeb ... he and some of his boys in blue are lobbying for the return of "Southland" -- which is currently on the bubble.

Maybe he's just hoping for that SAG card.