Charlie Brown Voice Gets Probation in Ex-GF Stalking Case

5/8/2013 5:15 PM PDT

It's a Charlie Brown Probation -- Peter Robbins Avoids More Jail Time for Ex-Girlfriend Stalking

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The former voice of Charlie Brown was sentenced to 1 year in jail for stalking and threatening an ex-girlfriend and her plastic surgeon ... but he's getting off with time served.

Peter Robbins was arrested back in January, pleaded guilty in April ... and got slapped with the 365 day sentence in San Diego today. Thanks to an 8-month rehab program, and the 110 days he's already done behind bars ... he'll avoid further jail time.

Robbins -- who voiced Chuck in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" -- got busted after threatening his ex and the surgeon who did her breast enhancement.

Robbins also got 5 years probation, a 10-year order to "stay away" from the doc -- and has to pay $15,081.90 in restitution to his ex.

What a blockhead.