James Gandolfini on 'Sopranos' Movie: 'When David Chase Is Broke'

5/13/2013 7:00 AM PDT

James Gandolfini on 'Sopranos' Movie -- 'When David Chase Goes Broke'


Good news everyone ... James Gandolfini has spelled out the circumstances for a "SOPRANOS" MOVIE!!!!

Bad news ... the plan entails the show creator being extremely irresponsible with the fortune he made from the series.

Gandolfini was leaving Madeo with his wife this weekend -- when we talked mafia ... and we even got a reaction from the guy when we asked how he felt about the infamous "Sopranos" finale.

For the record, "Sopranos" finale .... WAYYY better than the "Lost" finale ... but still not as good as the "Friday Night Lights" finale.