Diddy's $500,000 Car Cops SWARM Guns Drawn [PHOTO]

5/16/2013 9:55 AM PDT

Diddy's $500,000 Car -- Cops SWARM ... Guns Drawn, Suspect on Knees [PHOTO]

Cops were all over Diddy's $500,000 Maybach yesterday like WHITE ON RICE ... guns at the ready ... suspect handcuffed on his knees ... and we've got a photo of the incredible scene.

As we reported, a fleet of squad cars roared to L.A.'s Soho House yesterday following a 911 call about a suspicious black car with a weapon inside. When they arrived to the scene, cops pulled over Diddy's Maybach.

The car -- driven by Diddy's bodyguard -- had just dropped off the hip-hop mogul at the exclusive West Hollywood club and was driving away ... but it barely left the driveway before cops got to it.

Cops whipped out their guns and ordered Diddy's bodyguard -- as well as the passenger -- out of the vehicle and handcuffed them on the street.

But it was all for nothing -- police quickly determined there were no guns in the car, and the men were let go.