Taylor Hicks 'American Idol' Judges Come w/ An Expiration Date

5/18/2013 5:13 AM PDT

Taylor Hicks -- 'American Idol' Judges Come With an Expiration Date


Just how replaceable ARE "American Idol" judges?  According to "Idol" champ Taylor Hicks ... SUPER DUPER REPLACEABLE.

Taylor was out in L.A. on Friday when our photog asked the season five winner the only interesting thing left to ask about "Idol" ... is it time to replace ALL the judges?

Randy Jackson -- the last remaining original judge -- made his exit after the season finale, and it's been reported that newbie judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban are all on the chopping block.

But Taylor is unfazed by the "A.I" shake up and believes the "revolving door" of judges COULD be a way to save the slowly dying show.

And in case you forgot who Taylor is, here you go: