Kevin Federline Wedding Back That Ass Up

8/13/2013 10:25 AM PDT

Kevin Federline Wedding -- Back That Ass Up

Kevin Federline didn't just get married this weekend ... he got DOWN ... freak dancing with his brand new wife Victoria Prince at their Vegas wedding, and we got the pics.

As we reported, 35-year-old Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince got hitched Saturday night at the Hard Rock in Vegas, and they really pulled out all the stops. Kevin was acting like Kevin (a total goofball) and Victoria couldn't stop flashing her new bling. Side note: Victoria looked hot.

FYI, Kev and Vic have been dating since 2008 and already have one daughter, Jordan Kay, who was present for the ceremony.

The wedding looked beautiful, but it still didn't hold a candle to Kevin and Brit's 2004 wedding, which reportedly cost $1.8 MILLION. Not that it's about the money, or anything.