Scooter Braun I'm So Over 'Idol'

8/29/2013 12:50 AM PDT

Scooter Braun -- I'm So Over 'American Idol'


Scooter Braun is like several million other TV viewers -- he's over "American Idol."

We've learned Justin Bieber's manager will not join the show as a judge, and the reason is simple.

A source very close to Scooter puts it this way:  "The only reason to do it at this point is vanity and he doesn't do things for vanity.  Without the right to manage the acts, it makes no business sense for him and ultimately he's a business guy."

Jennifer Lopez and several producers made a play for Scooter, but we're told the stumbling block has been that he wants his hooks in the careers of the contestants and "A.I." can't give him that because of Simon Fuller's deal -- that's his domain.

So Scooter moves on.  We've also learned he thinks "A.I." is crazy not to sign Dr. Luke.