Geraldo SUED Over Fox News Deal

9/24/2013 12:21 PM PDT

Geraldo Rivera Sued Over Fox News Deal


is being sued for allegedly stiffing his longtime talent agent who claims to have negotiated a sweet deal with Fox News Network.

According to the lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... the William Morris Endeavor Agency repped Geraldo for nearly a quarter of a century, guiding him "as he rose from news correspondent to a household name."

The suit claims William Morris renegotiated Geraldo's Fox deal a few years back -- a deal that ran through 2011, but Geraldo allegedly just stopped paying the 10% commission 2 years before the deal ended.

So here's the upshot.  Geraldo doesn't like his agent, which puts him in one of the most non-exclusive clubs in America.

Geraldo fired back at the lawsuit on his radio show.