Lamar Odom's Roommate She's A Floozy Says Former Client!

10/4/2013 12:19 PM PDT

Lamar Odom's Roommate -- She's A Floozy, Says Former Client!


The attorney who let Lamar Odom smoke crack in her house is being accused of malpractice for cavorting with a druggie and practicing law at the same time ... TMZ has learned.

Polina Polonsky -- the woman who allowed Lamar to move in with her in June and stay for 6 weeks until Khloe banged on her door and removed her husband -- was representing Tracy Strode Kemp on 8 felony perjury counts.

Kemp -- who has filed a formal complaint with the State Bar of California --  claims Polonsky totally dropped the ball on her case, doing virtually nothing.

According to the docs, Kemp claims Polonsky was "unprofessional," showing up to court in "mini skirts [that were] too, too mini."

Kemp says in the complaint, "I was told and read that she was doing crack cocaine before Lamar Odom, after Lamar Odom, and she was my attorney during the time she was with Lamar Odom ..."

For the record, TMZ broke the story about Polonsky, and we never said she was doing crack.  She claimed Lamar was smoking it while she was at work and sometimes in her presence.

Polonsky tells TMZ, "The results in the case speak for themselves."  Polonsky says of the 8 criminal counts, 1 was dismissed outright, the jury found Kemp not guilty on 4 counts, and a mistrial was declared on the remaining 3 counts because the jury was hung.  Yeah, it seems like a good outcome to us, too.

The State Bar will not comment.