Jenna Jameson Cancels ALL Interviews Following Whacked Out Appearances

10/25/2013 3:00 PM PDT

Jenna Jameson -- Cancels All Interviews ... Following Whacked Out Appearances

Jenna Jameson has canceled her remaining TV interviews to promote her book ... after a string of sloppy, disastrous appearances, TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Jenna canceled a local news station interview Thursday morning with little notice ... then the former porn star told her people to pull the plug on the rest of the interviews on her schedule.

We're told ... Jenna felt the negative attention surrounding her previous interviews was overwhelming and she desperately needed a break.

Jenna isn't abandoning all publicity -- she still plans to attend a book signing event in L.A. Friday night, but won't be conducting any on-camera interviews.

After that, Jenna begins her break. No word on how long she plans on laying low.