Katherine Jackson The Jury Was Bamboozled I Want a New Trial

12/13/2013 5:09 PM PST

Katherine Jackson -- The Jury Was Bamboozled ... I Want a New Trial

Katherine Jackson
has just formally asked for a new trial in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case, claiming the judge screwed up by not letting the jury consider that Conrad Murray acted like a nincompoop AFTER he was hired by AEG.

Katherine lost because the jury decided when AEG hired Murray, there was no reason to believe he was incompetent.  The answer to that question ended the case.  Katherine feels the judge should have allowed jurors to go further -- even if Murray seemed competent at the beginning, he proved reckless and irresponsible during the months leading up to Jackson's death, and AEG did nothing to stop it.

The documents formally asking for a new trial include statements from 4 jurors, who say they feel the verdict was wrong.

One juror says, "I feel so cheated ..."  Another juror felt Katherine should have won, and complained the jury instructions made that impossible.  And still another juror said, "This was a very unfair and upsetting way to end the case.  There was no question in my mind that AEG Live was liable."

Katherine wants a second bite of the apple.