Drake Sued For Pulling Diva Move ... Allegedly

12/14/2013 12:26 AM PST

Drake Sued -- Pulls Diva Move and Cancels Concert ... Allegedly

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Drake is a little too full of himself ... bailing on 2 concerts to which he committed before blowing up, and agreeing to perform only if he was paid a fame premium -- this according to a new lawsuit.

Several Chicago concert promoters claim Drake agreed to do the shows in 2012, just before he became very rich and very famous.  According to the suit, the now-famous Drake said he would take the stage ONLY if the promoters would up the ante.

The show was set for March, 2012 at a venue that held 8,500 people.  Drake performed 3 months later at a nearby venue that seated 28,000.

The promoters say they invested more than $200K and they want their dough.